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"At the heart of every product person, there’s a desire to make someone’s life easier or simpler. If we listen to the customer and give them what they need, they’ll reciprocate with love and loyalty to your brand."


What We Offer

Product consulting services at affordable rates

Are you a startup or an SME that have been building your digital product for quite some time. 
Are you now at the next stage of your venture, looking to grow your product, user base, and team?
Over the years, we accumulated a wealth of knowledge of what it takes to build a great product from startups within a corporate, private equity-backed SMEs to public global companies. We can now share those experiences with you through our four main pillars of consulting services.

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Product Audit

Review and Diagnose

Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to spot why your product may not be working as well as you would expect. We take a look at your product and assess it on a few dimensions: UX/UI, Features/capabilities, industry comparison, marketing efforts and business model. Once you can pinpoint where improvement is needed, the real work can begin.

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Strategy and Roadmap

Know Your True North

“Vision is having the imagination to see the whole iceberg when the rest sees only the tip of it.” Are you really thinking deep enough to create a product that has a lasting impact? We encourage you to think deep and big. Then we provide you with tried and tested tools to facilitate you to get there. Not a standard one size fits all textbook version strategy, but a tailored proposal, specifically for your type of product, industry, and customer base.

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Agile Delivery

Speed and Quality

The ability to execute determines your time to market, and that impacts your customer acquisition and growth. To be able to release features within a shorter development life cycle means one can react to changes in customer’s needs more effectively.  From Scrum, Kanban to Lean, we are here to coach you to deliver that skilfully.

New Growth

Growth Hacking

Better Marketing ROI

SME and startups often don't have the luxury budget like large corporations. This means when it comes to user acquisition, you have to think outside the boxes. Our team of digital marketing experts have developed years of experience of running low-cost experiments and turn them into a big winning crowd. Targeted, niched down audience, means you will have a higher rate of response. In turn, better ROI on marketing spend. We can show you how if you promise not to tell anyone else. ;)


Case Studies


UX/UI template redesign

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Omnichannel web and mobile app custom built


New market MVP launch


 Luxury marketplace MVP built

An international premium content publishing company wishes to turn its content audience into e-commerce customers. The idea is to build a greenfield marketplace similar to the nature of Net-a-Porta.

We worked with E2Y's delivery team, the client's stakeholders, layed out initial architecture, understood the high-level requirement and mapped out all different aspects of the eCommerce journey. We educated the client's team on agile delivery methods and solved key challenges on customising hybris out of box functionalities to tailor towards the unique needs of the marketplace.

A typical challenge in any agile delivery is to balance stakeholder requirements virus timeline and budget available to deliver core features. Hence having a disciplined scrum approach helps to safeguard the capacity of the team.

The result:  a transactional commerce marketplace MVP in the required time frame. Later on was merged with an internal project and became today’s Farfetch.

Now TV is a startup company within a multinational broadcasting conglomerate. 

In 2016, Now TV was looking to expand its online presence to the european markets. 

We worked closely with the UK product managers to understand the key functionalities of the UK site. Those core functions were then reintroduced onto the international platform. New market-specific features were also introduced. Launching an international market requires coordination of various other aspects such as legal, marketing, communication, customer service and accessibility issues. This launch was all about pulling different threads, aligning priorities in a scaled agile framework amongst large delivery teams.

The result:  An MVP was launched for the first international market within 6 months time frame. Scope of the delivery was optimised to ensure the deadline was met and key features were intact to deliver sufficient value for the end customer.

A British premium fashion brand looking to create an omnichannel experience for its global audience.

We worked closely with the director of digital and head of technology to create a business case for this greenfield project. Aligning the interest of various department stakeholders that covers: Logistics, Customer Service, Retail operations, E-commerce store and International team.  We created a product vision and high-level roadmap and led a scrum team of 9 (developer, QA/BA) to executive the MVP.

The result:  A new mobile prototype was created for retail store staff and fulfilment centre. A new microservice architecture was designed. New process of operation was proposed and tried out by retail stores before international rollout. Click and Collect was launched ( in 2015). Staff transitioned from desktop stations to handheld mobile devices to carry out their daily jobs. All Saints pioneered the adoption of omnichannel strategy amongst its retail peers.

A heritage European luxury lifestyle brand needed modernisation of its classic website and lay the foundation for internal digital transformation initiatives.

We worked closely with the director of digital, internal project team, BORN's creative team, to review each touchpoint for MontBlanc's customers.  

In a short space of time, the team created new UX/UI website/email templates, supported by users stories with strict testing scenarios.  This ensures the intricate interaction on the site is flawlessly executed. 

The result:  A modernised website with captivating visual content. Easier navigation underpinned by simplified information architecture. Bold visual components that conveys the prestige of the brand. Smooth check out experience that drives better conversion. A warmer responsive email communication that engages better with the customer and creates loyalty.

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Customers are who we build our apps for, so we want to give them what they want and need, while empathising with their struggles and frustrations. For me it’s not necessarily the mantra of the customer is always right, but do everything with the customer in mind.

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