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Our past projects



A heritage European luxury lifestyle brand needed modernisation of its classic website and lay the foundation for internal digital transformation initiatives.

We worked closely with the director of digital, internal project team, BORN's creative team, to review each touchpoint for MontBlanc's customers.  

In a short space of time, the team created new UX/UI website/email templates, supported by users stories with strict testing scenarios.  This ensures the intricate interaction on the site is flawlessly executed. 

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A British premium fashion brand looking to create an omnichannel experience for its global audience.

We worked closely with the director of digital and head of technology to create a business case for this greenfield project. Aligning the interest of various department stakeholders that covers: Logistics, Customer Service, Retail operations, E-commerce store and International team.  We created a product vision and high-level roadmap and led a scrum team of 9 (developer, QA/BA) to executive the MVP.

The result:  A new mobile prototype was created for retail store staff and fulfilment centre. A new microservice architecture was designed. New process of operation was proposed and tried out by retail stores before international rollout. Click and Collect was launched ( in 2015). Staff transitioned from desktop stations to handheld mobile devices to carry out their daily jobs. All Saints pioneered the adoption of omnichannel strategy amongst its retail peers.

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Now TV is a startup company within a multinational broadcasting conglomerate. 

In 2016, Now TV was looking to expand its online presence to the european markets. 

We worked closely with the UK product managers to understand the key functionalities of the UK site. Those core functions were then reintroduced onto the international platform. New market-specific features were also introduced. Launching an international market requires coordination of various other aspects such as legal, marketing, communication, customer service and accessibility issues. This launch was all about pulling different threads, aligning priorities in a scaled agile framework amongst large delivery teams.

The result:  An MVP was launched for the first international market within 6 months time frame. Scope of the delivery was optimised to ensure the deadline was met and key features were intact to deliver sufficient value for the end customer.

Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 20.18.55.png


An international premium content publishing company wishes to turn its content audience into e-commerce customers. The idea is to build a greenfield marketplace similar to the nature of Net-a-Porta.

We worked with E2Y's delivery team, the client's stakeholders, layed out initial architecture, understood the high-level requirement and mapped out all different aspects of the eCommerce journey. We educated the client's team on agile delivery methods and solved key challenges on customising hybris out of box functionalities to tailor towards the unique needs of the marketplace.

A typical challenge in any agile delivery is to balance stakeholder requirements virus timeline and budget available to deliver core features. Hence having a disciplined scrum approach helps to safeguard the capacity of the team.

The result:  a transactional commerce marketplace MVP in the required time frame. Later on was merged with an internal project and became today’s Farfetch.

Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 17.00.22.png


Asos is an iconic youth fashion marketplace in UK. Its story has often been told and modelled in the UK fast fashion world. The website sells over 850 brands of clothing, accessories and cosmetics and ship to 196 countries.

The Challenge: With thousands of products require translations on daily basis and as well as fashion editorial and marketing content, you can imagine it’s a rather labour-intensive task. At the time, the company was concerned with its translation accuracy, long lead time, and co-ordinating launch time with different markets. With various internal projects competing for resources and budget, it was also difficult to obtain the funding needed to implement changes to address those issues.

The Work: we worked with the head of international, content team, and technology department. A business case was created to demonstrate the benefit of having all content translated accurately with shorter lead time. We evaluated the capabilities of different translation technology platform, and assessed against ASOS’s internal translation needs. 

The result: the proposed recommendation was projected to realise up to 10-25million increment in revenue on an annual basis.

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River Island is one of the most well-known and loved brands on the High Street in UK. It operates both online and have over 350 stores worldwide.

The Challenge: with sales coming from over 20 countries, it was not easy to know which market would be best suited to enter and which language is worth translating.

The work: we worked with the head of ecommerce, analytics team and external translation service provider to understand the cost for various type of translations for each country. A swot analysis was conducted to assess each markets existing competition, local trends, barriers to entry, and cost of operation. Based on the analysis, we provided recommendation on the sequence of each markets to enter and its associated translation strategy.

The result: RiverIsland was then able to focus on the top 5 markets for further investment. The recommended translation strategy ensured the company able to translate the selected content with the optimal return.

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Disney is well known for its entertainment content. Its online store offers branded merchandise with vast international reach.

The challenge: To better serve its european markets, the company invested in adding international payment methods to its existing online store. Modify payment method on the surface looks easy, but in reality the change impact other area of the business from finance, logistics, retail to customer service.

The work: we conducted extensive business analysis of various department’s operational processes and highlighted the impact it will have on adding international payment types. We worked closely with external Payment Service provider and the internal technology department to outline the system change required to deliver the solution. Alongside of that was the corresponding business process change.

The result: The Disney Store was able to offer 9 different payment types to its European customer.  The improved user experience drove increase in online sales. The modified internal payment process also means that business was able to operate more efficiently with less refund transactions and customer inquiries.

Screenshot 2022-04-05 at 16.04.24.png


A decade ago, social media sharing has gain significant popularity amongst ASOS’s core customer. The business identified the importance of leveraging that trend to further increase its brand awareness. Thus implementing social ID sign on function could make the user journey a lot smoother during login, social sharing, and commenting activities.

The Challenge: to be able to choose amongst a handful of platforms integrates with ASOS’s existing technology stack, as well as meeting various business departments needs.

The work: we work closely with Amido’s tech team to understand the identity authentication technology. The business requirements from various department are gathered and considered when choosing the final solution that fits ASOS’s vision for the identify program. Within a short space of time Amido team was able to offer SWOT analysis for various technology platform and provide recommendation for the most suited solution.

The result: the final integrated solution was able to improve social ID sign on experience cross various section of the website. Increased social activities means customer were able to advocate for the brand, without heavy marketing expense. The marketing department also benefited from in depth insight of its customer’s social profile, thus making it easier to tailor targeted contents and products.

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