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What is a product?

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Definition of a product
What is a product?

Whenever people ask me what I do? I would say I am a product consultant. More often than not, I got this baffled look on their face asking, what is a PRODUCT?

To put it simply, a product is a physical object, or a website or app people interact with, in order to achieve an end goal. For example:

A toothbrush is an example of a physical product.

We, end consumer, use it to clean our teeth ( interaction),

so to keep our mouths clean ( end goal).

Uber is an example of a product.

We, use the app, to book a ride (interaction),

so to get to the destination (end goal).

You got it. So pretty much everything we interact with can be classified as a product. At a broader level, it can also be referred to the services a company provides. This is commonly known as a service or experience.

As a product consultant, our role is to provide service to an organisation ( whether you are building a digital or physical product ) to help you to create an end product that is simple, easy, delightful to use and fulfills an end purpose well. The end result? More happy customers.

At Tango Studio we aim to break down Silicon Valley startup jargon into everyday common language, so more businesses can thrive. If you have any more questions, feel free to comment below or connect with me on Linkedin for a chat. You can also book an appointment via the button below.

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